Thanks Samuel, but I could not see where does it say how can we convert a mlist 
of ctype to a regular matrix, so that we can use all usual matrix operations. 
Could you please advise.

PS: in the example under discussion, doing:   r=r( :,: );  seems to do the 

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Le 15/10/2016 18:58, Rafael Guerra a écrit :
Hi Serge,

One question:
For some strange reason, the variable 'r' is in this case a mlist of type 
cblock and not a matrix of type constant.
To convert it to constant, it seems that we need a further instruction, such 
as:   r=r( : , : );
Any comments on this?
This is fully documented:
It is possible to specify several output variables to collect field columns one 
by one.
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