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> Bountysource is closing down because it was a failed business, it's been
> bought out by CanYa

My reading of that is that it *was* closing down as a (semi) failed
business, but that CanYa are now investing in it.  I was slightly surprised
seeing the state of their website before posting, having looked a few
months ago.

Anyway, the question was more about that kind of developer funding - people
posting bounties against specific bugs / feature requests.  I'm just
wondering how much integration - pointing people at a global list, direct
links in issue queues, etc. can be done without falling foul of ASF
policies.  Not that it's a model we'd necessarily want to encourage anyway.

Doesn't look like Bountysource has been used much by Apache projects,
although a few linked to Cassandra by the look of it.

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