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> Anyway, it seems to me that "capitalism" has actually proven not to be a
> good role model for software development, see Windows bugs and backdoors
> vs. Linux security,

I realise you put it in quotation marks, but can we please stop
perpetuating this myth of the equivalence of capitalism and closed-source
software.  I mean, Linux is mostly developed by corporations, including
Microsoft, right?!

NetBeans is an ASF project, it has to play by the rules here, and at the
same time we need to make sure it thrives here.  But the only measures of
that success are what we decide them to be.  So, constructive input to that
seems welcome, impossible suggestions or criticism bordering on trolling,
less so!

Aside - whenever anyone asks why I use open-source / Linux over Windows, my
stock response is always that I got fed up of paying for stuff that doesn't
work properly.  Now I've got loads of other stuff that doesn't work
properly, but at least I don't feel ripped off for it! ;-)

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