Howdy folks,

Sorry for the flame bait, but I'm just curious what all you
seasoned vpopmail veterans have to say about Postfix + Cyrus.

Back in 2002 when my company chose to go with QMail + Vpopmail
I thought it was the Right Choice, but these days I'm hearing a lot
about Postfix + Cyrus. For a while there, it seemed like vpopmail
development was grinding to a halt, but these days it seems to
be picking back up again. Even QMail seems to be at least partially
back under development with the Netqmail package. It's giving me
hope for the platform that I've invested so much of my personal time

For those of you who have had the opportunity to work with BOTH
systems, which do you prefer and why?

BTW, I currently run QMail + vpopmail & friends + courier-imap + sqwebmail.


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