Quick question that I can't seem to sort out myself. I see people are doing
the same thing based on the archives but I can't seem to find a definitive

Using a smart host relay to do initial mail checking running qmail. All my
virtual domains are setup up correctly but not listed in the virtualdomains
file. Instead we are using the smtproutes file to pass on to the rest of our
mail system. This all works great. Vpopmail 5.4.7 is setup using MySQL with
a replicated read only host on the smart relay. I noticed in the archives
that people have used the chkuser patch to qmail in this situation with
great success. My question is this: In the FAQ at
it states that chkuser will do the checking only if the domain exists in
rcpthosts(or morercpthosts) AND virtualdomains. The archives seem to suggest
that if you are using MySQL, you don't need the entries in virtualdomains.
Am I misreading this? What would be the correct setup in this case assuming
checking on all domains? Any clarification would be great. Thanks

Brian Lanier

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