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I've a problem that has been harassing me for a week now. I'm no qmail/vpopmail expert, but I've solved most all my problems over the years with the archives and The qmail Handbook. So I've done my share of troubleshooting and I think I have a pretty good grasp on how qmail vpopmail work. This one has me stumped.

I have a user who claims he is not getting emails. I can find the delivery using qmLogsort and the log shows the messages delivered just fine.

2005-03-17 11:33:37.868623500 new msg 3415139
2005-03-17 11:33:37.868763500 info msg 3415139: bytes 9817 from <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> qp 93531 uid 89
2005-03-17 11:34:37.429451500 end msg 3415139
2005-03-17 11:33:37.877803500 starting delivery 783121: msg 3415139 to local [EMAIL PROTECTED]
2005-03-17 11:34:08.086894500 delivery 783121: success: did_0+0+2/

Looks good, the users .qmail file looks like so,

# less /home/vpopmail/domains/\:hitchcock
|/home/vpopmail/bin/ [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
|/home/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail '' delete

Two program deliveries as it should be. Yet the user claims the message never arrived and the pop3d log is useless other than for mrtg. The script is a modified version of ifspamh and delivers all spam to the [EMAIL PROTECTED] account, which we check, and the messages are not arriving there. The spamd log shows the message was clean.

The odd thing is that I have another user claiming the same thing and again I can find the message. I even changed this users .qmail file to this,

# less /home/vpopmail/domains/\:daas

Every message he receives should deliver to the joeltest account *if* the delivery to joel.daas was successful. The logs show this. This delivery doesn't even use vdelivermail so I've effectivly cut everything I could from the delivery process.

2005-03-16 10:55:56.890400500 starting delivery 754144: msg 3415073 to local [EMAIL PROTECTED]
2005-03-16 10:55:57.559319500 delivery 754144: success: did_2+0+0/

Interestingly, the joeltest account has never lost a message. Whenever joel.daas claims he did not receive a message, I can find it in joeltest.

Now my take on this is the users have an issue with their mail clients, or they are a bit too quick with the delete button. How do I prove it? I can show where the logs say the message was handed to two programs or delivered to two files, but I can't prove the user got the message beyond that.

at the bottom of the .qmail file add a:
|/bin/ls -lat /home/vpopmail/domains/ >>/var/log/

Excellent! It is always the simple solutions you miss.

|/bin/ls -lat /home/vpopmail/domains/

Added "new" to the path.

then "touch /var/log/" and "chown vpopmail:vchkpw /var/log/"

Hmm, think I'll do this first in case a message delivers immediately after I write the .qmail file.

I'd really like to see the message ID get logged at delivery and and when it is read by the pop client. This would nail many client issues.



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