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Wouter van der Schagt wrote:
>> Are you working with the current SVN branch, or with a tarball from
>> Sourceforge?  I'm not certain all changes to the FHS-related code are
>> on Sourceforge.
> I was using the tarball, am now testing with SVN revision 891. Further
> testing reveals that a default ./configure returns:
> domains directory = /home/vpopmail/domains
>    conf directory = /home/vpopmail/etc
>     bin directory = /home/vpopmail/bin
>     lib directory = /home/vpopmail/lib
> include directory = /home/vpopmail/include
> As expected, however adding "--prefix=/home/vpopmail" messes this up and
> makes it (im guessing unintentionally)
> domains directory = /home/vpopmail/var/vpopmail
>    conf directory = /home/vpopmail/etc/vpopmail
>     bin directory = /home/vpopmail/bin
>     lib directory = /home/vpopmail/lib
> include directory = /home/vpopmail/include/vpopmail
> I think herein lies the source of both the strange location of
> vusaged.conf and the odd /domains directory. I realize the prefix i
> added was the default, but still.

Yeah.  That's an issue that I'm still struggling with.  vpopmail has always
used /home, and *not* been FHS compliant.  Therefore, when you set a prefix,
it has to assume FHS compliance, which means a prefix would be like /var,
and so it has to tack on /vpopmail.

That's why when you set the prefix to /home/vpopmail, it starts tacking on
/var/vpopmail and /etc/vpopmail.

If you're *not* going to use the FHS compliance, don't set a prefix.  It
will use whatever the vpopmail user's home directory is.

> As for the error message from the SQL backend: I'm still getting that:
> "Warning: Failed while attempting to delete domain from auth backend".
> running on Debian 5 - squeeze (testing). with MySQL Server version:
> 5.0.51a-24 (Debian)

I know it's unlikely you can let me, but on the off chance, is there any
chance you could get me remote access to this system so I could debug the

Because of the sheer amount of changes made in regards to authentication
backends, the amount of possible issues that could cause this is pretty

If not, can you please verify that it's using the correct etc directory
(ie: it's looking at the correct vpopmail.mysql file), and that the 
file is accurate?  Also, please give me the output of:

  nm ~vpopmail/etc/vpopmail.authmodule
  ldd ~vpopmail/etc/vpopmail.authmodule

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