Don't set a domain quota and it won't enforce one.  Just an FYI.

Great thanks. That could be usefull :) Is it off (as in not enforced) by
default or do i need to specify a setting.

The issue will be resolved with a linker flag which I accidentally did not
re-implement when re-writing parts of the build system.

Alright, no biggie then

I'll need an error, or some sort of other info other than 'did not work' :) Please let me know any issues you come across. 5.5 will become the development
version soon.

Upon further investigation it appears that allthough the vadddomain command
didnt create an error, it didnt create an entry in any database either. I tested the authentication as it is in /etc/vpopmail/vpopmail.mysql manually and that worked.
mysql -uuser -ppassword -Ddatabase;

Woops! Must be some issue with the FHS compliance pathing. I'll look into it.

For now, do i copy the files into /etc/ or leave them where they are?

I have it running on several large production servers. If there's anything that should be stable, it should be that daemon. Several months of development and testing
went into that code.

Great, im really curious about this daemon, at the moment we provide this with a realtime du -sm * through a socketserver, it is horribly slow on full mailboxes :)

- Wouter van der Schagt


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