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Consider a vpopmail 5.5 install using timestamp build 1239053335:

- I noticed that domains are now created in /home/vpopmail/var/vpopmail as opposed to /home/vpopmail/domains. Is this intended as a change in 5.5 or is it incorrect, perhaps also part of the FHS patch? Or can i specify the /home/vpopmail/domains somewhere as a confiugre option? It is a bit difficult to test on production servers if we have live data in /home/vpopmail/domains unless we all move the data to a different directory, but that would not be preferable.

- vadddomain correctly adds a domain in the database and creates files / directories in the above mentioned parent directory, vdeldomain correctly deletes it from the database (and the files / directories), however it also throws an error message: "Warning: Failed while attempting to delete domain from auth backend".

- vlist is new to me, is this automatically packaged in 5.5 now?

- vdelivermail (feautre request). At the moment we are running a modified version and have disabled 90% full checks in vdelivermail.c (around line 1139 by simply exiting the function). We do our own quota check, which with the use of the vusaged will become a lot faster. Perhaps you can include an option to disable this automatic mailing?

- Wouter van der Schagt


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