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Wouter van der Schagt wrote:
>> Don't set a domain quota and it won't enforce one.  Just an FYI.
> Great thanks. That could be usefull :) Is it off (as in not enforced) by
> default or do i need to specify a setting.

It's like any other quota.  Unless you set one, there isn't one (NOQUOTA).

> Upon further investigation it appears that allthough the vadddomain command
> didnt create an error, it didnt create an entry in any database either.
> I tested the
> authentication as it is in /etc/vpopmail/vpopmail.mysql manually and
> that worked.
> mysql -uuser -ppassword -Ddatabase;

Eh.  Did you install the MySQL backend module?

> For now, do i copy the files into /etc/ or leave them where they are?

It looks like it's going to use that alternate path whether you like it
or not.  It's not something you can just edit a single file.  Many files contain
that incorrect path now.

> Great, im really curious about this daemon, at the moment we provide
> this with
> a realtime du -sm * through a socketserver, it is horribly slow on full
> mailboxes :)

You will notice that many of 5.5's binaries use the daemon.  vuserinfo, 
vdelivermail, vchkpw, etc.

It will be *a lot* faster than a du.
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