Regarding the FHS patch. Noted...i will ommit the prefix setting for now or consider to create a symbolic link for the time being.


This machine is not accessible to the outside world, it is an internal mailserver. But I think i may have found more useful information:

I performed a strace on the command vdeldomain and found:

write(4, "1\0\0\0\3delete from lastauth where d"..., 53) = 53
read(4, "0\0\0\1\377z\4#42S02Table 'vpopmail.last"..., 16384) = 52
write(2, "Warning: Failed while attempting "..., 68Warning: Failed while attempting to delete domain from auth backend
) = 68

Manual investigation showed that there is no table "lastauth" in the vpopmail database. Should this have been created on install ? or is this created when somebody logs in? The error doesn't appear to be fatal, but it is ugly.


I can test the setup on Ubuntu and FreeBSD as well if you like? Are you interested in testing results on other platforms or has it already been tested?

- Wouter van der Schagt


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