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Simone Lazzaris wrote:
> Hi everybody;
> we are using vpopmail in a deployment which involves many programs.
> We use maildrop for some (but not all) deliveries, dovecot for imap access, 
> some custom perl script to forward some mail.
> Log story short, we cannot use (at the moment) vusaged to track the mail 
> usage. 

Why not?  Can you be a little more detailed?  If you're using vpopmail to
manage users, it should know where their mail is stored.

> I've looked the code and found that there were no option to disable the 
> usage. 

Turn off their quota and the vusage daemon shouldn't be looked at.  If that 
what's happening, then that is the bug.

> I will also be nice if (adding a return 0; at line 74, and a couple of curly 
> braces around that) vdelivermail wouldn't segfault if the config file is 
> missing or unparsable.
> Now, at version 5.4.28, if vusagec.conf is missing, the code try to proceed 
> and segfault.

Fixed in trunk.  Thanks for the report!
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