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Eric Shubert wrote:
> Is there some sort of specification documentation for vusaged that
> describes how it works? If there is, I think it would be useful to have
> it published so that it can be scrutinized by the community. Better to
> get things worked out up front than to confront them in the debugging
> stage.

I don't have a document prepared, however it's relatively simple.  In
the most simple terms, all it does is look up every user under vpopmail,
and count how much storage they're using.  That is how it calculates user usage.

To calculate domain usage, it adds up all the users' storage counts.

There are a great deal of efficiencies added, of course.  Constantly polling the
disk would be extremely inefficient.  It's also meant to be extremely fault
tolerant, meaning, if vusaged isn't running, or the client API fails, delivery
does not cease, and is not delayed in any noticable manner.

I suppose the reason there is no document explaining this, is because the 
idea is very simple, and the vusaged configuration file explains many of the
efficiencies via it's configurable options.

Was there any specific topic you were interested in?  I'd be happy to provide
whatever information you're looking for.
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