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> Simone Lazzaris wrote:
> > Ok, but how can be syncronized the two vision of the quota, if only
> > vpopmail uses vusaged ? I think that there can be only two cases
> > 1) all tools use vusaged or
> > 2) all tools use traditional Maildir++ quota.
> >
> > In any other combination, the two vision of the real maildir quota will
> > go quickly out of sync.
> How would they go out of sync?  They're both calculating disk usage.  Any
> variances would be slight.  I'm assuming your quotas are in the range of
> megabytes or more.  If they're off by just a few kilobytes, what's the
> problem?

Well, if I only put mail on the storage via vusaged, and only fetch mail via 
Maildir++, that means that the usage values will always be seriously wrong, 
I mean, vusaged will always see a positive usage, and Maildir++ always a 
negative one. They only will be right just after a resync with the filesystem, 
invalidating the purpose of both. In that case, it will be better to NOT have 
a quota tracking system.
And that is precisely MY case.

> The whole point of the vusage daemon is to remove the overhead of exact
> quota calculation for a gain of efficiency.   Todays quotas are large
> enough that a few kilobytes-- heck, even a few megabytes, or a few minutes
> of delay in actual vs reported disk usage, are unimportant.  Having any
> process care about exact numbers is silly as long as the numbers being
> reported are relatively close.
> Futhermore, having more than one process actually accessing the disk is
> bad. Maildir++ is an implementation that works well, but fortunately, due
> to it's rather open-endedness, can easily be improved upon.
> 5.4 is not accepting feature changes, though I will look into adding a
> disable option into 5.5.  Perhaps removing the fprintf calls would be
> enough.  Further support for Maildir++ integration will be coming as well,
> so perhaps there will be no need for this type of patch anyway :)

Removing the fprintf is ok for MY need, but can complicate the life of peoples 
who *does* want the vusaged to work, but forgot to set in place its 
configuration file, or have a syntax error in it. 

In that case, you want to have fprintfs that tells you what is wrong and why. 
That's why I thought of a configuration setting. 

So maybe the best thing to do is put in place a configuration option that let 
the sysadmin choose the usage tracking backend, Maildir++ or vusaged

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