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> Simone Lazzaris wrote:
> > Hi everybody;
> > we are using vpopmail in a deployment which involves many programs.
> > We use maildrop for some (but not all) deliveries, dovecot for imap
> > access, some custom perl script to forward some mail.
> > Log story short, we cannot use (at the moment) vusaged to track the mail
> > usage.
> Why not?  Can you be a little more detailed?  If you're using vpopmail to
> manage users, it should know where their mail is stored.

Mmmm. Maybe I've not understood what really vusaged does. 
Our setup is spreaded on many servers (think 20), with the mail stored on an 
NFS share (NetApp).
Right now the various tool all use the maildirsize file (Maildir++ I think 
it's called) to track the usage, updating this as they put/fetch the email.
Is vusaged supposed to work in a similar setup ? I'd have to integrate it with 
maildrop, dovecot and a couple of perl scripts.

> > I've looked the code and found that there were no option to disable the
> > usage.
> Turn off their quota and the vusage daemon shouldn't be looked at.  If that
> isn't what's happening, then that is the bug.

No, I want to use the quota, but with the old method, looking at the 
maildirsize file. That's missing (if I've understood the code).

> > I will also be nice if (adding a return 0; at line 74, and a couple of
> > curly braces around that) vdelivermail wouldn't segfault if the config
> > file is missing or unparsable.
> > Now, at version 5.4.28, if vusagec.conf is missing, the code try to
> > proceed and segfault.
> Fixed in trunk.  Thanks for the report!
Thanks for the attention
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