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Simone Lazzaris wrote:
> Ok, but how can be syncronized the two vision of the quota, if only vpopmail 
> uses vusaged ? I think that there can be only two cases
> 1) all tools use vusaged or 
> 2) all tools use traditional Maildir++ quota.
> In any other combination, the two vision of the real maildir quota will go 
> quickly out of sync.

How would they go out of sync?  They're both calculating disk usage.  Any
variances would be slight.  I'm assuming your quotas are in the range of
megabytes or more.  If they're off by just a few kilobytes, what's the problem?

The whole point of the vusage daemon is to remove the overhead of exact quota
calculation for a gain of efficiency.   Todays quotas are large enough that a
few kilobytes-- heck, even a few megabytes, or a few minutes of delay in actual
vs reported disk usage, are unimportant.  Having any process care about exact
numbers is silly as long as the numbers being reported are relatively close.

Futhermore, having more than one process actually accessing the disk is bad.
Maildir++ is an implementation that works well, but fortunately, due to it's
rather open-endedness, can easily be improved upon.

5.4 is not accepting feature changes, though I will look into adding a disable
option into 5.5.  Perhaps removing the fprintf calls would be enough.  Further
support for Maildir++ integration will be coming as well, so perhaps there
will be no need for this type of patch anyway :)
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