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> Simone Lazzaris wrote:
> > Our setup is spreaded on many servers (think 20), with the mail stored on
> > an NFS share (NetApp).
> The vusage daemon is written with this in mind, though it's more efficient
> to have it run on the device providing storage so that it isn't doing disk
> polling over a network connection.

Ok, I can undestand that.

> The vusage daemon accepts connections from an allowed list of IPs for usage
> queries so that it can be used in a cluster efficiently.
> > Right now the various tool all use the maildirsize file (Maildir++ I
> > think it's called) to track the usage, updating this as they put/fetch
> > the email.
> Correct.  vusaged supports Maildir++, and at this time, ignores maildirsize
> because it's redundant, and inefficient means of calculating storage.
> Later, vusaged will be updated to re-write maildirsize.  It's currently set
> to be in addition to existing quota monitoring systems, with a greater
> efficiency, as to deprecate other quota configuration systems, but it
> should not interfere or cause number variances.
> > Is vusaged supposed to work in a similar setup ? I'd have to integrate it
> > with maildrop, dovecot and a couple of perl scripts.
> That depends upon a great many things, such as, what is checking quotas,
> and when.  In general, if the daemon is running, and it does not have to
> be, both Maildir++ quotas, and vpopmail's vusage style of quota checking
> should work fine at the same time.
> If vusaged is not running, Maildir++ quotas should continue to work.

Ok, but how can be syncronized the two vision of the quota, if only vpopmail 
uses vusaged ? I think that there can be only two cases
1) all tools use vusaged or 
2) all tools use traditional Maildir++ quota.

In any other combination, the two vision of the real maildir quota will go 
quickly out of sync.

> >>> I've looked the code and found that there were no option to disable the
> >>> usage.
> >>
> >> Turn off their quota and the vusage daemon shouldn't be looked at.  If
> >> that isn't what's happening, then that is the bug.
> >
> > No, I want to use the quota, but with the old method, looking at the
> > maildirsize file. That's missing (if I've understood the code).
> In 5.4.28, if the vusage daemon is not running, traditional Maildir++ quota
> checking is done.

Yes, and this works, but it generate an error message each time the daemon is 
searched for. For a normal deliver, that means at least 3 error messages on 
the log file. And 3 attempts to open the socket.
I think it's more efficent, and cleaner, to check if one wants to disable the 
daemon, adding a line in the config file. My patch just do that.

Take a look at one line of my logfile:

Sep  3 09:12:25 moss qmail: 1251961945.482023 delivery 35086: success: 

Is only to avoid the repeated "client_connect:_connect_failed" string, and to 
retrieve some CPU cycle, that I've wrote the patch.

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