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Simone Lazzaris wrote:
> Well, if I only put mail on the storage via vusaged, and only fetch mail via 
> Maildir++, that means that the usage values will always be seriously wrong, 
> right?

Ah, you think that vusaged is a delivery agent, or that it needs to know about
it's delivery agent to determine usage.  It is not, and it does not.  In the 
simple form, it's just doing a 'du' on the directory.

> Removing the fprintf is ok for MY need, but can complicate the life of 
> peoples 
> who *does* want the vusaged to work, but forgot to set in place its 
> configuration file, or have a syntax error in it. 
> So maybe the best thing to do is put in place a configuration option that let 
> the sysadmin choose the usage tracking backend, Maildir++ or vusaged

Actually, the original problem you reported was that the client_connect 
errors were cluttering up your logs, and that a missing vusagec.conf caused the
client API to segfault.  This had nothing to do with syntax errors in a 
file, which would be reported regardless of whether you remove the fprintfs in

You're writing about concerns about superficial fprintfs in 5.4, a frozen 
version, that's
why it makes sense to just comment out the fprintfs.  5.5 is a *much* different 
which treats the Maildir++ quota checking as broken, which it is.
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