i am trying to get bare metal installs to work with vcl2.2 and xcat 2.x
using the info provided at:

my xcat installation works fine: i have successfully installed rhel nodes
using the following commands
nodeset <nodename> install=Template
rpower <nodename> boot

now when i want to first image and then install using the partimage i am
having issues as follows:

i am running into following error the moment I type in: nodeset <node> image
even after rebooting the management node there has been no change in this

baremetal-chassis1-13: Unable to identify plugin for this command, check
relevant tables: nodetype.os
Error: Some nodes failed to set up image resources, aborting

to my understanding, for some reason partimage plugin is not being fond or
recognized by xcat.

can anybody please help.


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