hi Josh,

> I need to add this to the documentation and should have mentioned it earlier.
> partimage can only capture a few file system types.  I don't remember the
> exact list.  I know it includes ext2/ext3 and ntfs.  I also know that it
> cannot capture ext4 and anything involving LVM.  That is part of why I
> included support for partimageng.  If it doesn't natively know how to handle
> the file system, it will fall back to using dd to capture it.  Search for
> 'usepartimageng=0' in the partimageng postscript and change it to =1 to switch
> to using partimageng.
> Is the file system to be captured either ext2 or ext3 and without having LVM
> invovled?

file system involved is ext3 and without 'lvm'. so i am good on that.

i could not find partimage-ng for download, could you point me to a
genuine source, sourceforege doesn't have it.

following is the link to /tmp/partimageng.log
> http://pastebin.com/YrbmsF99

also noticed following error from partimage log in /var/log

 >>  "[Can't read bit map block 0 from image]"

looking out for that errors tells me that it could be because of
running partimage in 'gui' mode as opposed to batch, still looking for
more reasons.

meanwhile i will look for other errors and wait for link to partimage-ng.


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