hi Josh,

significant progress ... although not fully successful.

and very valuable tip from you!, this helped me quite a lot: "to aid
debugging enable remoteshell and removing the /sbin/reboot line at the

i want to make a note few things here that got me past a little
further in capture process, hence might be worth to see if i could
have done it better::

- since my primary nic was eth1, i greped-to-replace the extracted
files from initrd.img and rootimg.gz with eth1 as the primary nic.

- make sure the node or the nodegroup being captured has appropriate
entries in the xcat table
postscripts.postscripts="syslog,remoteshell,syncfiles" or something
similar to suit individual needs.

- it might be worth documenting the root password of the rootimg.gz
file system, unless one can replaced it with their own and re-create
the image, and then login using the root credentials when the capture
process fails at any point. worth looking is the /tmp/partimageng.log
of stateless image currently booted in. +++ not sure if this makes
sense, may be if the remoteshell is setup correctly we may not need

- i had to add the node being captured to my 'iptables' so that the
'nfs' exports(managemen_node:/install) to write the image
at(/install/image/x86) is not blocked by the firewall on management

- in spite no_root_squash being enabled on management node nfs server,
'root' account of the stateless image did not have the permissions to
write the image at /install/image/x86. it is believed that the version
of the 'nfs-client' in the stateless image, as i understand has some
issues. - workaround is to add the flag 'sec=sys' in the 'mount'
command in 'partimageng' script in folder /install/postscripts.

- with the above adventure i got to a point where following
intermediate files were written to complete the capture process:
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root        0 Jun  9 13:18 vcl_rhel_template.img.capturefailed
-rw------- 1 root root      849 Jun  9 13:18 vcl_rhel_template.gz.000
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root      259 Jun  9 13:24 vcl_rhel_template-sda.sfdisk
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root      512 Jun  9 13:24 vcl_rhel_template-sda.mbr
-rw------- 1 root root 10485760 Jun  9 13:24 pi43fec6f2.tmp

- after few seconds, the '/sbin/partimage' saving the image, fails
with a status code 1. attached is the log file /tmp/partimageng.log
for additional information.

need more of your assistance?


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