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On Wednesday June 08, 2011, Prem Kumar wrote:
> hi Josh, kindly bare with other inline questions before i try out your
> suggestions -
> > > 'vcl_rhel_node_template' then i need to have the following file
> > > under $installroot/image/$arch/
> > > 
> > > vcl_rhel_node_template.img
> > > vcl_rhel_node_template.gz
> > > vcl_rhel_node_template-parta1.gz
> > 
> > The above code means that you must have at least one of those files
> > present in $installroot/image/$arch/.  Those are the disk image files
> > created by partimageng (any .img files) or partimage (any .gz files).
> >  The partimage stuff documented at the "unofficial" page always uses x86
> > as for $arch.  It will still handle imaging/restoring x86_64 images.
> >  Since both x86 and x86_64 were handled the same way, I never bothered
> > making it distinguish between them.  So, all images captured with
> > partimage using those instruction will be under $installroot/image/x86/
> as i understand:
> essentially files vcl_rhel_node_template.img 'or'
> vcl_rhel_node_template.gz gets created for the first time after i have
> successfully captured an image using the partimageng or partimage
> respectfully?


> and this is done using the command 'nodeset <node> image'


> also do you think having ssh communicate to private management node
> over eth1, and compute nodes accessible to end users with ext_ssh
> over eth0, an issue with the 'vcl code' at any point?

I don't think it will be a problem.  At one point in the past, eth0 had to be 
used for the private network and eth1 for the public.  However, I believe all 
places that were hard coded to one or the other have been updated to be 

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