hi Josh,

made some progress with 'os' and 'arch' in nodetype set to 'image' and
'x86', yet i am missing something.

kindly could you confirm where i went wrong from below in reference to
xcat and partimage setup:

- successfully installed a compute node with pxe boot and  'ks'
template located under: /install/custom/install/rh

- copied vmlinuz and initrd.img from
to /tftpboot/xcat/image/x86/

- also copied rootimg.gz to /install/image/x86/installer_files/

++++++since the above images were built with eth0 as the primary nic,
i changed it to eth1 because that being my primary nic.
++++++ not sure if the rootimg.gz here has to be the cpio image from
the install of the compute node in the first step? and the vmlinuz and
initrd.img from the disk or rhel used to install the compute node.

- then set 'os' and 'arch' in nodetype table  to 'image' and 'x86' respectively

- next typed in the following command:

nodeset <node> image
++++++ at this point it complained that it could not find:
/opt/xcat/share/xcat/install/image/createimage.x86.tmpl , i was hoping
my file /opt/xcat/share/xcat/install/image/vcl_rhel_template.tmpl with
this single line(#INCLUDE:../scripts/post.rh#) in it should have done
the job. not sure why it only needs createimage.x86.tmpl ?

after creating the required(createimage.x86.tmpl) file, and the typing
the above command creates appropriate pxe configuration files in
/tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg/ with the url and action to save the image etc,
which seems right.

- now type in the following command to boot the node so as to save the
image upon reboot
 rpower <node> boot

at this point if everything is right, following should happen
 > the stateless image will be used to boot in initial ram disk
> then use the postinstall partimage script to save the image of the current 
> installation of the 'os' onto the location on management node.
+++++++ here i don't see when does one gets the post install
scripts(partimage) from management node?
> this should finish the capture process

hope this is correct?


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