Hello. My question is 'What is the current status of virtual consoles?'

I know this question was asked earlier in the forum, but all I can find
 are off-topic replies!
Is there an answer to the question in one of the posts, hidden amongst 
the spam? If there is, then sorry - I did not find it.

 From what I can understand of the proposals posted in the forum,
 it all looks very good, but probably a bit over the top for what
 I actually need at this stage.  But has any code been written yet? And is
anything available for testing with Solaris Express?
What I would like, is to be able to use Solaris in the same way I 
often use Linux - Just press Alt-F1, Alt-F2, Alt-F3, etc, & switch to a
 different console. Often I don't even use X on a Linux server, 
 as having multiple text consoles is sufficient for what I want to do.

 When I show my colleagues Solaris, they are amazed that you
 cannot just switch consoles, as Linux makes it look so easy. 
 And the feature has been in Linux for such a long time.
I'm fairly new to Solaris, so maybe I'm missing something obvious
& there is any easy way to have Alt-F# consoles, that I have not found.
If so, I would appreciate some advice.

But, assuming I do need 'virtual console', then my bottom line is, when
is this likely to be available in Solaris Express?
Nigel Smith
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