Darren J Moffat wrote:
> David Bustos wrote:
>> Quoth LingBo Tang on Mon, Apr 02, 2007 at 09:15:18AM +0800:
>>> Nigel Smith wrote:
>>>> It seems you cannot (always) immediately follow Alt-F#, by another
>>>> Alt-F# and get the next console. Sometimes it works, but other times
>>>> it just displays ^[[22# (Where # represents a digit)
>>>> (It seems that after you press Alt-F#, you need to press a different
>>>> key, before it will accept another Alt-F#)
>>> You can not press one key for next hot-key sequence.
>>> For instance, you need to release "Alt" firstly before "Alt-F2".
>>> This is a typical usage in Solaris.
>> I don't understand how that would be typical.  Please explain.
> I agree with David this seems wrong.  It also if I remember correctly is 
> different to the behaviour on Linux.
> It is also different to the behaviour of GNOME when you have hotkeys 
> programmed to switch between workspaces.  I have <shift>F? where ? is 
> the workspace number and I can (and do) keep the shift key pressed and 
> flick between workspaces.   I'd expect virtual consoles to work the same 
> way.

I remembered that there was a scenario that we need to release Alt
key before next function keys ( before virtual console project ) but
I can not find it now.

Anyhow, the hot key usage should be changed as other systems usage
in next version. We will release new version with secure switch feature
in community first.


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