Nigel Smith wrote:
> Hello. My question is 'What is the current status of virtual consoles?'
> I know this question was asked earlier in the forum, but all I can find
>  are off-topic replies!
> Is there an answer to the question in one of the posts, hidden amongst 
> the spam? If there is, then sorry - I did not find it.
>  From what I can understand of the proposals posted in the forum,
>  it all looks very good, but probably a bit over the top for what
>  I actually need at this stage.  But has any code been written yet? And is
> anything available for testing with Solaris Express?
> What I would like, is to be able to use Solaris in the same way I 
> often use Linux - Just press Alt-F1, Alt-F2, Alt-F3, etc, & switch to a
>  different console. Often I don't even use X on a Linux server, 
>  as having multiple text consoles is sufficient for what I want to do.

This project is in progress and focusing on security issues, like secure
hot keys and switching. And this is the mainly advantage of virtual
console on Solaris comparing with the other OS.

You can install the basic version with normal switch functions from
This bfu archive is based on onnv_47. It works as you expected, like
hot key switch. You can have a try.

We will upgrade the workspace to the latest version soon but we have not
decide when the new binary can be available because of current security
Of course, if you have any special interests on generic functions,
we can help you.

>  When I show my colleagues Solaris, they are amazed that you
>  cannot just switch consoles, as Linux makes it look so easy. 
>  And the feature has been in Linux for such a long time.
> I'm fairly new to Solaris, so maybe I'm missing something obvious
> & there is any easy way to have Alt-F# consoles, that I have not found.
> If so, I would appreciate some advice.
> But, assuming I do need 'virtual console', then my bottom line is, when
> is this likely to be available in Solaris Express?
> Thanks
> Nigel Smith
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