Nigel Smith wrote:
> Ok, I have given it a try, and here is my feedback:
> I have never done an install from a bfu archive before,
> but I thought I would give it a try.  
> Usefully, Ben Rockwood gave some advice, via his blog,
> on how to do a bfu upgrade, at just the right time:
> I had snv_57 installed, but was anyway planning soon to upgrade
> to snv_60, so I was not too worried if it trashed my os.
> As the vconsole seemed to be built for build 47, this was
> effectively a downgrade, so I was expecting problems.
> I downloaded the 'vconsole-20060908.i386.tar.bz2' file. (File size is 89MB)
> and used BFU.
> I kept a log of all the commands and output, and rather that post it here,
> as it is rather long, I have uploaded it to my web site in case any one
> is interested to take a look:
> Ok, so after the BFU was installed, I rebooted.
> During restart, I got various errors:
> ...undefined symbol...
> ...cannot load module...
> ...service failed to start - transitioned to maintenance...
> But, surprisingly, I did end with getting a console login!
> So I logged in:
>   login as: root
>   Password:
>   Last login: Fri Mar 30 20:21:58 2007
>   Sun Microsystems Inc.   SunOS 5.11      vt-gate October 2007
>   bfu'ed from /root/vconsole-20060908.i386/vconsole-bfu-i386-b47/ on 
> 2007-03-30
>   Sun Microsystems Inc.   SunOS 5.11      snv_57  October 2007
>   # uname -a
>   SunOS solaris 5.11 vt-gate i86pc i386 i86pc
>   #
> I pressed Alt-F1 and got a 'vt1 login:'
> (Good!)
> I then pressed Alt-F2, but just got ^[[225z
> (Bad!)
> It seems you cannot (always) immediately follow Alt-F#, by another
> Alt-F# and get the next console. Sometimes it works, but other times
> it just displays ^[[22# (Where # represents a digit)
> (It seems that after you press Alt-F#, you need to press a different
> key, before it will accept another Alt-F#)

You can not press one key for next hot-key sequence.
For instance, you need to release "Alt" firstly before "Alt-F2".
This is a typical usage in Solaris.

> And how do you get back to the 'console'?

You can use "Alt-h" to go back /dev/console.
But we will change the hot keys sequence in next version to make these
hot keys compatible with other systems.

> So it sort of works, but not well enough to be usable.
> Ok, you Sun guys still have some work to do on this.
> I think it's an important feature, so I hope you can get it working
>  soon and integrated into a Solaris Nevada release.
> I understand that you need to keep backwards compatibly for people
> familiar with the old Solaris versions. But I think you also need
> to give an option, at install time, for people trying OpenSolaris
> for the first time, who have used Linux or FreeBSD before,
> who will expect a more usable 'console'.
> Thanks
> Nigel
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