Shawn Walker wrote:
> On 05/04/07, LingBo Tang <Lingbo.Tang at> wrote:
>> > Another nice feature I've seen on Linux, is the ability to configure
>> > it to display syslog output on one of the virtual consoles.
>> > Will it be possible to do something like this with Solaris?
>> If you can describe more details in this function as you expect,
>> we may think about it. Thanks!
> I can field this question I think.
> Many Linux distributions allow you to redirect the system messages you
> normally get spammed with (such as unknown hsot name "loghost", etc.)
> to a specific console. That way you can essentially "watch" what goes
> into /var/log/messages on a Linux box on a specific virtual console
> instead of having that output (rather inconveniently) go to the same
> console as the one you are using (causing your vi session to be
> annoyingly interrupted as an example).

On Solaris, by default, the syslog info will always go to the system
console (/dev/console, also namded as "the first virtual console"),
thus there'll be no the problem you mentioned above.

Of course, you can configure it to go onto any other of the virtual
consoles. Please see syslogd(1M).


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