Lingbo, I'm glad to hear that in the new (next?) version of the code,
it will not be required to release the 'Alt', before pressing another
function key, to select the next virtual console.

When I'm using Linux in text mode, I like to be able to hold the 'Alt' key down
with a finger on my left hand, and then use a finger on my right hand to
press the Function keys, and take a look at each of the consoles in turn.
It would be great if I could do the same thing with Solaris.

And yes, I think that using 'Alt-h' to get to '/dev/console' needs to change.
My advise would be to use 'Alt-F1' to get '/dev/console' as the default.
But then I think once people get familiar with the idea that '/dev/console'
is special, they may want to move it to another key, like 'Alt-F12'.
So I think you need to make the key used configurable in some way.

Also, will we be able to configure how many virtual consoles are available?
I would like the option of more than 6 virtual console, as there are 
usually more function keys available.

Another nice feature I've seen on Linux, is the ability to configure
it to display syslog output on one of the virtual consoles.
Will it be possible to do something like this with Solaris?
Nigel Smith
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