Darren J Moffat wrote:
> Riny Qian wrote:
>>Currently we propose "Alt+h" or "Alt+SysRq" for switching to the system
>>console, and "Alt+F#" for switching to virtual consoles, because the
>>system console is special. And we also want to keep a little
>>compatibility with older Solaris with virtual console feature.
>>Someone may think that "Alt+h" or "Alt+SysRq" is unnecessarily
>>inconsistent with the other virtual consoles, and think it should be
>>"Alt + F1" for switching to the system console.
> I think Alt + F1 should go to the first VT.  Wither VT1 is the
> system console or not depends on the consadm(1M) configuration, right?

It's out of consadm(1M) scope. consadm is only able to add/remove
serial/modem tty into the auxiliary console devices.

We have the system console and virtual consoles on Solaris.
consadm can be enhanced to support adding virtual consoles into
the auxiliary console devices list if really needed.

The system console is special, we need some key sequences to
switch to the system console. Alt + F# is just for virtual consoles,
and Alt + F1 goes to the first VT.

> I don't see any reason to be incompatible with other
> systems that have the same functionality.
> I also don't think we should use Alt+h or Alt+SysRq.  If I
> remember correctly Alt+SysRq is/was used on Linux for some
> other functionality.  Alt+h just seems to generic and more like
> an application specific key combination.

Then "Alt + Home" or what else?

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