Riny Qian wrote:
> On Linux, the system console will always go to the current active vt;
> and there's only "Alt + F#" for vts.
>> I thought, but it has been a while at Alt+F1 went to
>> /dev/console and Alt+F2 went to the first non system console vt
>> etc.
> Since the system console (/dev/console) is somewhat special on
> Solaris, it looks confused to me that "Alt + F1" goes to the
> system console, instead of the first vt.

Think about this from the users perspective though,
particularly a user familiar with Linux or BSD.

IIRC on those systems if I prese Alt+F1 it goes to
the first place I can login.  It is also for them
the console (right ?).  So thats my first login.
I then press Alt+F2 and login again, and so on.

So why should I press Alt+F1 to go to my second login
and Alt+h or Alt+SysRq to go to the first one.  That
seems confusing.

The fact that the system console is somewhat special
doesn't in my opinion mean it shouldn't be Alt+F1.

I would however very much like to here opinions of
other people, particularly those with more recent
Linux or BSD experience than I have.

Darren J Moffat

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