> As said to Darren, the main reason is that the vconsole-login service
> is only available in the global zone.

Yes, but of course we have separate SMF namespaces in the global
and local zones (and separate seed repositories).  There's no reason
why you can't have these instances exist in the global repository only.

> > Also, what determines the number of "vt" things that are configured?
> > Is that based upon an smf property or some command or something else?
> Most people are familiar with six virtual console logins plus Xserver
> running on the seventh virtual console. It's been there for long time.
> > How does one configure that?
> > 
> As said, users can disable/enable and remove/add virtual consoles using
> smf(5).

I don't see in your spec how exactly this works: the specific issue I'm
concerned with is that you're really trying to create instances based upon
the configuration of the number of pseudo-device nodes.  Is this being
done dynamically from some SMF method?  Because there is no way via svcadm
at present for a user to perform what I call a "clone" -- i.e. add a new
instance which looks like some previous instance or inherits the basic
set of properties from some service.  And this is what you would need
in order to create new vt smf instances on-the-fly.  How were you planning
on handling the creation/deletion of instances?


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