"VDR User" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Some of us aren't ready to switch just yet but there's no ignoring the
> shift in peoples interests.  All I can say is when it comes time that
> I can't ignore those requirements anymore, I can only hope that VDR
> has envolved with the times and I won't be forced to use something
> else.

Agreed, but in the end I'm pretty sure I will be forced to use
something else. (I've been thinking that for a long time and I'm still
using it :))
I'm not even sure vdr is modular enough to allow my "requirements"
without changing everything, is it ?
(When Reinhard says it would be a big patch I guess BIG is meant.)
Anyway, there's no public TODO, no public cvs/svn, etc... I'm surprised
there's no fork yet.

note: this message is not meant to be nasty, disrespectful or
provocative in any way.


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