VDR User wrote:
> Also, I talk with many dvb users on pretty much a daily basis and I've
> never once heard someone say they've left VDR for that other software
> because of eye-candy/UI.  Most people seem to be concerned with
> capability & functionality, not pretty graphics.
> My personal opinion is that, because I'm biased in favor of VDR, it's
> disappointing to see so many users abandon it simply because of the
> lack of support for things that are becoming more common & in-demand
> every day.  
> A lot of these guys aren't
> coders, aren't used to compiling things, and aren't even used to using
> a console for that matter.
They often use ready packages, and if those packages don´t contain the 
necessary patches, they will never get it to work.
> The more the interest shifts, the more people will leave VDR in
> its current state behind for something more suitable.  Klaus very
> honestly said he's perfectly ok with that and sees no incentive to
> support this stuff so the story pretty much ends there.
I fully agree with you (with [nearly?] all points) . I think you can see 
the interest in HD in the high number of hits e.g. in the DVB-S2 section 
at vdrportal.de. The people here and at vdrportal are very technically 
interested, so I think that there are a lot of early adopters that do 
not want to wait until 2010. And speaking for other PVR hard- and 
software solutions too, scrambling is no real problem for people who 
want to get certain content - and this is no secret as you can see in 
the vdr-wiki entry. HDCP output is no problem as the Dreambox 8000 is 
also said not to support this flag. Or do you think that Dream 
Multimedia will get sued as soon as the Dreambox 8000 is out because of 
this missing "feature"?

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