On 11/17/07 15:23, Andrey Kuzmin wrote:
>> And as long as there isn't at least a (graphics) card that supports
>> decoding the "good old" MPEG2 in a quality that is at least as good
>> as that of the FF DVB cards, as well as decoding H.264/HDTV in *hardware*,
>> this whole area has next to no priority for me. I am not interested in
>> software decoding this stuff - I don't want to have an extra heater
>> in my living room ;-)
> That is interesting thread to read, thanks to Morfsta that said that
> many others wanted to say already long time ago :)
> I think that Morfsta's main point isn't any specific feature of VDR
> like HD support. The point is VDR's development model itself. It is
> closed now. Patches are not the answer to this problem. Developers have
> to be very motivated to maintain patches from version till version. As
> you see, MUCH patches are already died, not because nobody wants them,
> because it's hard to maintain them for years.
> Klaus, you are doing the great job! But I think VDR now is much more
> than your own hobby/job/lack of software for your personal needs and 
> hardware. Big
> part of VDR's community also want to "own" it. By ownership I mean
> here decision making and commiting to CVS/SVN/HG. Current development
> model looks like dictatorship model :) If you allow to commit improvements
> to VDR by other authorized devs, such things as UTF8 support were in
> VDR since 1.3.* I think :) I belive VDR and VDR's community will gain
> a lot from this.

The UTF8 support is a good example. If it had been accepted the way the
original patch was, VDR would now be "UTF8-only" - which is not what I
want. All my systems run on iso8859-1, and I wouldn't want to have a VDR
that uses UTF8 on my system. Therefore I implemented UTF8 support in a way
that it depends on what the current system actually uses. Now everybody
can run their VDR system with the encoding they want.

I don't want to work on a VDR where people can check in monster changes
into a CVS or whatever, and the next time I sit down to do something,
I first have to (meaning: am *forced* to) deal with what others have
modified, so that I understand the source again. I rather take one
topic at a time, look at whatever patches etc. are available, and
consider how things really fit into the big picture. That can mean that
the patch will be integrated just "as is", because it is the right
solution, or it can mean that I come up with a solution of my own,
that (I believe) fits better into the VDR structure.

If I were really the "dictator" as which you were "kind" enough to entitle
me, I sure wouldn't have spent all the recent work in cleanly integratiting
subtitle support into VDR. The original patch/plugin was way too complex
for my taste.

> Imagine if Linus Torvalds were the only man, who were decision maker
> in kernel's development. I belive linux never become so popular
> because of being always 2 steps backward of current community's needs.

Don't compare me to Linus - I don't deserve that honor ;-)


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