On Nov 16, 2007 2:52 AM, Petri Helin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> That should be no problem. If a patch exists, a package developer
> could easily make use of and include it in the release. So there is no
> need for Klaus to add it in to the core VDR.

It's generally not a good idea to base your conclusions on 'should' or
'could'.  Also, you can easily & effectively argue that such basic &
common functionality should be added into the core being that it's
such basic & common functionality...  Not much different then the
recent support of subtitles.

Also, Ondrej, HDTV is not hype, it's real & it's here.  Everyone I
know who has invested in HDTV equipment did so because of the obvious
increase in quality..  Not because they are mindless idiots who fell
victim to illusions of content that doesn't really exist, or because
of spoonfed hype..  Have you ever even watched HD content on a HD
display?  Maybe the provider -you use- doesn't offer much HD content
but there are plenty of other providers that do.  I don't know how it
is where you live but here every major network and most of their
affiliates, most of the pay movie channels, sports, ppv, etc. are all
offered in HDTV, with a lot more coming soon.  You can't ignore the
obvious truth that a lot of people are leaving VDR behind because of
its lack of support for h264 and HDTV.  Maybe -you- don't use it but
clearly a lot of other people do.  I respect your opinions but they
don't seem to be based on an accurate reflection of reality.  You can
resist HDTV and h264 all you want but it's here to stay.

Besides, what's so bad about being with the curve or ahead of it for
once, instead of always trailing behind?

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