Al 12/10/10 18:13, Hannu Tirkkonen:
> Hi!
> This is really annoying problem and basically all of the recordings
> containing dvb subtitles are pretty much useless. The problem exists
> also on recordings having teletext subtitling, but the teletext plugin
> have an option for delaying the subtitling.

Similar delay as on ttxsubtitles would be nice addition to VDR. Separate and
additional delay for live and record play modes. Suitable range would be 0 -

This would fix also other issue than "non working output". Sometimes
broadcaster do mistake and subtitles timing is wrong. Last time this
happened last week with Law&Order, subtitle timing has 4s offset. With DVB
subtitle delay settings show would be ok. Now I have only one option, turn
subtitles completely off.

My opinion is that there is several reason to add DVB subtitle delay setting
to VDR menu. To fix non working output devices and to fix temporally miss
aligned subtitles. This feature is similar as Lipsync set on all modern AV
devices. Audio should be in sync with video, but sometimes it is not. It is
good to have lipsync on menu for fixing this temporal but totally annoying

For Reelbox plugins:

I fixed patch for reelbox-3 svn 15208. Patch on attachment. With this
reelbox-3 and with latest hdplayer pause seems to work..


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