> From: Klaus Schmidinger
> Sent: Thursday, 14 October, 2010 00:43
> If there's something actually wrong with VDR's DVB subtitle code, it
> should be fixed in VDR. I don't see why we would need a plugin
> interface
> here.
> An output device needs to provide a proper STC in order to sync
> subtitles.
> I guess I need to change the description of cDevice::GetSTC() to make
> this a requirement...

Reelbox delivers STC values. Only issue with Reelbox is that STC value seems
to be somehow wrong during recording play. STC is correct during live DVB
broadcast. The issue is that timing works, but there is 5s offset during
recording play. Reelbox do not separate live broadcast and recording play.
VDR separate these. One opinion is that VDR recording playback is broken..

Is there any easy place to add delay for subtitling on VDR recording
playback code? I would do that hack to my system just to get finally eHD
card to use. I assume that I should add some value to STC. Any documentation
available about this STC and how it works on VDR?


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