On 13.10.2010 20:55, Rolf Ahrenberg wrote:
> On Wed, 13 Oct 2010, Vesa wrote:
>> Similar delay as on ttxsubtitles would be nice addition to VDR.
>> Separate and
>> additional delay for live and record play modes. Suitable range would
>> be 0 -
>> 10s.
> Well, IMO that delay code in the ttxtsubs plugin should be removed when
> PTS code has been merged into the repo.
>> This would fix also other issue than "non working output". Sometimes
> How about adding a STC offset setting in these "non working output"
> plugins with a little help of latest PCR value and the system clock?
>> My opinion is that there is several reason to add DVB subtitle delay
>> setting
>> to VDR menu. To fix non working output devices and to fix temporally miss
>> aligned subtitles. This feature is similar as Lipsync set on all
>> modern AV
>> devices. Audio should be in sync with video, but sometimes it is not.
>> It is
>> good to have lipsync on menu for fixing this temporal but totally
>> annoying
>> issue.
> I'm against these kind of dirty hacks in the official VDR code tree, but
> the current dvbsubtitles code in VDR could be refactored to be
> replaceable with a plugin. Afterwards the reel plugin could reimplement
> it with any hacks needed.

If there's something actually wrong with VDR's DVB subtitle code, it
should be fixed in VDR. I don't see why we would need a plugin interface

An output device needs to provide a proper STC in order to sync subtitles.
I guess I need to change the description of cDevice::GetSTC() to make
this a requirement...


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