Steffen Barszus wrote:
> As already said. Start a second vdr instance , using streamdev server
> and client for the dvb devices, and xineliboutput as output, start the
> plugins you want for the client on that instance. and you are done.

OK - I'll try that on my next bigger sparetime slot ;)
When I setup my HD-vdr, I was not able to get streamdev running.

> you did not say anything about your installation, so help on this is
> impossible.

Well - this thread has already become very OT, but ok:

my setup is:

CPU: single-core Athlon 2500 reduced to 1900
MB: Gigabyte GA7N400S
dvb: FF from Hauppauge, Budget from Mystique
vdr: 1.7.16 from e-tobi with ACPI wakeup
os: debian squeeze
hd: removable for recordings
net: gigabit
TV: connected to FF
AV: connected to FF via SP/DIF-Opto-converter

Vdr-Frontend (my desktop):
CPU: Phenom II X4 965
MB: Gigabyte GA-880GM-UD2H
os: debian squeeze
net: gigabit
Monitor: 60Hz standard

I start the frontend with this script (as mentioned earlier - I don't have a 
vdr installation at that machine):
--- <snip> ---
# name of vdr-host

# options for xine postprocessing

# options: tcp | udp

# options: sxfe | fbfe

vdr-$display --width=1200 --height=720 --buffers=5000 --post $post 
xvdr:TCP://$vdr:37890 --$transport
--- <snap> ---

kind regards


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