Am 16.01.2011 05:35, schrieb Gero:
> I read about the ongoing work at the OSD system.
> I have to confess, that I don't really miss a truecolor OSD, but what I miss 
> is the possibility to configure the OSD for each output-device separately.
> Currently I use a "backend"-vdr with budget-cards and an old fashioned FF. My 
> TV is plugged to the old FF and I watch HD through a frontend-client with 
> xineliboutput.

You're using a very special situation here, as xineliboutput is IMHO the
only output device that can promote itself to be 'the' output device at
runtime. VDR itself has not much to do with this switching, and doesn't
know in advance how many of its devices suddenly may or may not be the
output device. Keeping multiple configurations for OSD persistently
would break a lot (including plugins), and will probably have lots of
issues. (I already can imagine OSD size depending on DVB driver load

Its probably a lot easier to solve this at the output side within
xineliboutput. xineliboutput could easily backup the OSD parameters when
replacing the primary device, set his own parameters, and set them back
when disconnecting. Probably needs some care to make sure that
parameters get restored in any case, but solvable.



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