Steffen Barszus wrote:
> actually i think its wrong setup on your side. call it "wrong
> expectations".

That - of cause - may be true!

I'm quite new to client/server vdr. I tried lot of things and my current 
installation is the only, I succeeded to get into play.

... and - after all - it works quite fine!

My issues are issues in the sense of "you put sugar in your coffee?" and not 
the question, whether it is possible to create coffee.
So don't give my issues to much importance.

I think - there are several aspects of vdr, that could be improved. The 
question is not, whether improvement is possible, but if that aspect has enuf 
relevance to start thinking about improvement.
But - that's not my decision.

I only can talk about what I like to get improved.

kind regards


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