On 08.04.2012 23:11, Christopher Reimer wrote:
2012/4/8 VDR User <user....@gmail.com <mailto:user....@gmail.com>>

    I know several people who set their directories on the command line
    and ignore maintaining Make.config completely so it's not true
    everyone uses Make.config.

OK, that could be possible, although I don't understand why.

Let's wait what Klaus says.

The only condition I want to be met is that when building the original,
unpatched VDR out of the box, without any user defined Make.config etc.,
it needs to behave just like it does now.

However, there is one thing in the current behavior that I would even
consider a bug: if one starts VDR with

  vdr -v /mydir

it uses /mydir as the video directory, but still uses /video for the
configuration files. I believe that as long as there is no explicit
-c option given, the config directory should follow what's given in
the -v option. So I wouldn't mind if this was fixed along with implementing
the FHS stuff ;-) (or in a separate step).


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