2012/4/9 Klaus Schmidinger <klaus.schmidin...@tvdr.de>
> However, there is one thing in the current behavior that I would even
> consider a bug: if one starts VDR with
>  vdr -v /mydir
> it uses /mydir as the video directory, but still uses /video for the
> configuration files. I believe that as long as there is no explicit
> -c option given, the config directory should follow what's given in
> the -v option. So I wouldn't mind if this was fixed along with implementing
> the FHS stuff ;-) (or in a separate step).
Ok, maybe Udo can add this to the patch.

Udo, please also mind the additional Makefile change I mentioned before.

I can't find a special place where to add this to the documentation. In
addition I think it's self explanatory
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