Peter Gluck <> wrote:

> The photos up;oaded have nothing to do with the plant . . .

You are wrong. Those are photos of the plant, and the plant ceiling, which
has no ventilation equipment capable of removing 1 MW, or even 100 kW.

I am sure those are photos of the plant. Eyewitnesses have told me this,
and Rossi's lawyers have not denied it.

> , you must know well the diagram and half full pipes are not good even as
> joke
> The idea of not pressurized is a new ineptness.

I am quite certain the pipes were half full, from the description of the
rust and from eyewitness reports. I am quite sure that you are wrong, and
that unpressurized pipes are often half full.

> Are you aware that if Rosi does not explain thee nergy consuume to the
> Judge the Trial is lost by him simply?

You mean the jury. If Rossi cannot explain how 1 MW of energy disappears,
any scientist or engineer will testify that Rossi is a fraud and that his
claims are impossible.

You yourself understand the conservation of energy, and you know there can
be no edothermic process absorbing the heat. I am sure you would agree if
anyone other than Rossi made this claim. You are blinded by your intense
desire to believe his claims are real.

> If for you the consume use dumping of the heat of 1.4 tons of steam per
> hour is such an impossibility better stay with IT.

1.4 tons of steam cannot magically disappear. It has to be released to the
atmosphere, and heat plume was detected. Or it has to be flushed in cold
water, and it is not possible to have this much water in this building.

The hot air or steam would be easily detected, and it is not. Furthermore,
there is no conceivable reason why Rossi would take steps to hide the heat,
since it would prove his claims are real. He would be paid $89 million for
demonstrating this heat is real. He would not hide it.

- Jed

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