That is the most interesting characteristic to me as well.  It seems logical 
that if the outside surface is cooler than the ambient that heat energy must be 
entering the Billet.  Where this energy goes is the main question I would like 
to see answered.  Of course we realize that energy is also entering the Billet 
and surrounding components from the external battery via the drive pulses.

Apparently, you are an eye witness to the observation that an electric light is 
illuminated and the battery is receiving charge for an extended period of time. 
 This observation implies that energy is coming from some source while the 
device is in operation.  The obvious first guess is that heat energy is 
extracted from the ambient region and converted into electrical energy.

We should not be willing to give up on the thermodynamic laws too readily 
however.  Keeping that thought, one might believe that a magnetic form of heat 
pump is taking place, except it is not clear where the pumped heat is being 
exhausted, while there appears to be electrical energy generated.  Magnetic 
refrigeration has been around for a while and it is actually a form of heat 
pumping.  And, magnetic refrigeration obeys the thermodynamic laws.

So Brian, did you notice any portion of the Billet and surrounding materials 
becoming warmer than the ambient?  If not, you have a really interesting 
phenomena to pursue.





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The magnetocaloric cooling keeps my interest high.

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I swear to God if I ever stumble into anything overunity, I’m gonna rectify the 
bejeezus out of it.  Pure DC in and pure DC out, none of this apparent power 
Magnetic amps bring up Bearden’s MEG – which I don’t think ever worked. I 
suspect its output was apparent and not real, as above.

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