Am Sonntag, 5. November 2006 17:12 schrieb Troman:
> This will probably take some time to tweak, we need to specify more limits
> for this, ie what turret classes can be mixed together
> (AA/direct/arty/commander/repair/sensor etc), what bodies can have more
> than 1 weapon - I think letting light bodies have more than 1 weapon
> doesn't really make sense (size issue) or at least limit secondary weapon
> to T1 weapons as most T2/T3 weapons would overlap in the game.
> >>Is there a
> >> reason for the player not to add as many weapons as possible?
> You mean unrestricted number of weapon on a body or max weapon number for
> each body?
I guess the question was if it makes any sense for the player. Does he have 
any benefit from not building 3 turret droids... 


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