On 3/18/09, Per Inge Mathisen <per.mathi...@gmail.com> wrote:
>  What we need first and foremost is an easier way for users to create,
>  distribute and download maps.

I'll answer the rest of the stuff when I get back, but for this, I am
sure you are aware that the game *will* send the map, if the user
don't have it.

The map *must* be in the config directory in the /maps folder.
The map must *NOT* be part of a map pack.
There can only be one map per mapname.wz archive.

As for distribution, Kamaze will have a decent way in the future to
handle this AFAIK.  Right now, we use the forums, and the only
limitation is that the maps *must* be 100% legit.

That means, they can't have been converted with the wdg2wz map
conversion utility, unless user gets the author's permission to
distribute them on the forums.
(and speaking of wdg2wz, no feedback at all-- don't know if that is
good or not. )

End users can still play said converted maps, and distribute them
themselves though.

Creating maps is a different story.  Yes, nobody on linux or macs can
make maps, unless they use a VM of a true windows box.  Wine don't
Maybe someone can make a map editor with QT4?
If that don't pan out, perhaps a random  map generator will work...

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