Am Donnerstag, 19. März 2009 11:13:10 schrieb Gerard Krol:
> Dennis Schridde wrote:
> > Multiple mods:
> > Morrowind and Oblivion (sorry, again...) have some mods which are rather
> > "metamods". They combine several others into one.
> I think it is good to limit the game to load just one mod. Like you
> said, if people want to run multiple mods, they will have to create a
> new mod for that, or devise some sort of package management system. Oh,
> and mods should ONLY work in "vanilla" (no custom scripts/tech tree
> mods) multiplayer and skirmish games.
> We DO need to add support for network games with mods however. The game
> needs to make sure everyone has the same mod. (by checking the md5 of
> the .wz?)
Give each mod a version number. imo by far superior to any hashing.

And we can just transfer the darn files inside the .wz archive. It is not at 
all necessary to introduce hacks to figure out which archive [...]

> Also mods should just plain be in the "mods" directory. By the way, does
> anyone else think we've got a really messed up directory structure for
> the data as well?
Yes, but it always was like that... ;)

> Zarel wrote:
> > I do think we should merge mp.wz and warzone.wz
> > back together.
> +1
> I think it is really annoying for people when they have finished the
> campaign they will have to learn an almost completely different game.
> And it complicates stuff for us.
Glad everyone agrees. Maybe we can finally finish what I began a few years 
ago... Though it requires some decisions this time, as either campaign or mp 
will have to change on one way or the other.

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