On Thursday, February 22, 2018 at 1:07:25 PM UTC-5, RobbH wrote:
> Many thanks for the information, Tom. I'm confused, though. When you refer 
> to the bridge, do you mean the discontinued smarthub, or the current 
> product called Access? I think I've seen complaints that the access only 
> works with AcuRite's servers, not with third-party software like Weewx. I 
> see a lot more complaints that the smarthub is no longer supported. But it 
> still works with Weewx? And with current AcuRite sensors?
> Sorry if I'm being dense. It's a challenge to sort out all the information 
> that's available!
the "acurite bridge" and "smartHUB" are the same device.  smartHUB refers 
to the newer firmware; older acurite bridge devices automatically (without 
user consent) got flashed to the smartHUB firmware in 2016.

it is unfortunate that acurite/chaney has discontinued the smartHUB 
hardware.  the hardware is underpowerd for acurite's purpose, but is more 
than adequate for anyone who wants to use a bunch of acurite sensors and 
retain their own data.

the new 'access' is problematic - it provides some logging capability, 
battery backup, and more local memory (so acurite/chaney can do firmware 
updates in the future).  but it is user-hostile.  its communication with 
acurite/chaney servers is encrypted, so you have no way to get to your data 
other than by going to acurite/chaney's servers.  in the short term you can 
sniff the (unecrypted) data that the device sends to wu, but that data 
stream is not as rich as what is sent to the acurite/chaney servers.

note that the acuriteHUB hardware is perfectly serviceable if you use weewx 
(you need weewx plus the weewx-interceptor extension).  you'll have to set 
up a fake DNS entry so that the acuriteHUB talks to your own computer 
instead of the acurite/chaney servers.  but it will continue to function no 
matter what acurite/chaney does.

so maybe wait a few months until the smartHUBs are $5 each :)

weatherflow has the right idea (from a customer rights/preferences point of 
view): cloud services if you want them, but local api/protocols for getting 
the data.  easily.  and easily integrated with other systems.


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